Wedding Packages & Pricing

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Up to $3000 off our Premier and Premium Packages

for Select Remaining 2024 Dates Under 4 Months (Excludes Holidays)

$1000 off our Premier and Premium Packages

for All 2024 Dates! (Excludes Holidays)

Totally Transparent Pricing!

Belle Vie Vineyard prides itself on totally transparent pricing! We know weddings are expensive and we’re here to help.

Our new all-inclusive packages provide the industries top professionals, and let us take as much of the stress away as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your big day! All of your in-house options include… 

  • Our pristine venue with choices of event spaces
  • 5-star service
  • Beverage options to fit any taste & budget
  • Full Service Catering
  • Professional and friendly in-house vendors
  • All packages are fully customizable

Not everyone is a package person… you may choose to build your package A La Carte’ and find the all pieces yourself… or you can let us put together our team of professional vendors to handle all the details and save you money!

Full Service Wedding Packages

First, take a look at our full-service wedding packages. They are designed to provide you the stress free wedding of your dreams!

All Packages are meant to provide a “Snapshot” of a standard event.

Packages are fully customizable so be sure to check out our A La Carte’ Pricing below. 

Packages DO include special discounts for bundling services with Belle Vie Vineyard!

Packages at a Glance n:i 2024

* Monday – Thursday pricing and Off Season Pricing Excludes Holidays. Inquire about Holiday Pricing

A La Carte' Pricing!

Not everyone is a package person!

Our A La Carte’ pricing gives you a totally transparent view of all the charges in our packages. 
The packages above DO include discounts for bundling services with Belle Vie Vineyard but we are happy to customize a package that fit’s your day

Building your perfect package is as easy as 1-2-3

Start with the Venue Rental and then add on services until it’s just right!

* Monday – Thursday pricing and Off Season Pricing Excludes Holidays. Inquire about Holiday Pricing

What Else Do We Need?

Complete Your Event Planning with Our Preferred Vendors and Accommodations!

On-site Accommodations at The Delta Estate – starting at $1400

Add on Food
Belle Vie Vineyard In-house Catering Menus
or from our Approved Caterer List

Specialty Rentals through Chairs for Affairs.

Check out our Preferred Vendor List on our Planning Page for

Floral & Decor

Photography and more!


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Additional Information

Catering Options

We’re excited to announce that we will be opening our venue to outside catering but you can still add on Catering with Belle Vie! 

Keep in mind “Full Service” catering is required at Belle Vie and your chosen caterer must provide all necessary staff and equipment for food setup, food service and event cleanup. If your food vendor is unable to provide the necessary staff or equipment, rentals may be organized through Belle Vie and serving staff may be provided by Belle Vie Vineyard for an additional cost.

Wether you choose Belle Vie In-house Catering or form one of our Approved Caterers and you won’t be disappointed!
Request a full list of outside catering requirements should you choose a caterer not on our approved list


To book your date, we require a signed contract and a non-refundable date reservation fee of 25% of your total package. 3 equal payments will be due at 6 months, 3 months and 30 day before your event date. Additional payments may be added upon request to ease your payment schedule.


We require a certificate of liability insurance for at least 1 million dollars, naming Belle Vie Vineyard, LLC. This will be due 30 days before your event. If you would like help obtaining this insurance, please let us know and our sales staff can assist you. All outside vendors are required to provide a certificate of liability insurance for at least 1 million dollars, naming Belle Vie Vineyard as additionally insured.


We require security for all events serving alcohol and events of the party/dancing nature. Security will be provided through Belle Vie Vineyard at an additional cost to the Client based on size and nature of the of the event.

Damage Deposit

We may require a $1,000 security deposit, due 30 day before your event, which is fully refundable after the event if there are no damages or extra charges incurred.

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